Nick: A Primer

Let’s get this over with: My name is Nick, and I’m a girl. OK, OK, technically I’m a “woman.” Either way, I’m female. My name is not Nicki, Nikki, Darling Nikki, Nik, Nic, Nikita or Meg (more than once I’ve introduced myself to someone in a crowded, noisy bar and they’ve spent the evening calling me Meg).  Yes, Nick is short for “Nicole” but no one calls me that, except for my grandmother, and she’s dead (coincidentally, I might add). And official, governmental types, like the IRS, who want to get money out of me, but I try to avoid them whenever possible.

In the past few years I’ve settled down from what was once a somewhat debauched lifestyle and become a wife, mother, urban chicken farmer, foodie and crabby middle-aged bitch with ailments–not necessarily in that order. I love Diet Coke, tattoos, knitting, grammar, rabble-rousing, angry female singer-songwriters, wine and Lawrence Welk. In other words, just a normal chick.

I have a long-suffering husband, two prodigal children, three cats, three chickens, a number of imaginary friends and even more imaginary enemies.

Not gonna censor myself, ’cause that’s sooo not what I’m about, but I am going to blog primarily about cooking and food. Or not. We’ll see what happens. Come along for the ride, won’t you?


8 thoughts on “Nick: A Primer

  1. [I have]…a number of imaginary friends and even more imaginary enemies.

    Delightful! I either know you or I am you!

    Did you really grow up in the Midwest? I grew up in Rochester and now live in the Midwest…seems like you’ve moved up and I’ve just moved. LOL. Nice to meet you and thanks for your comments! We’re foodies too…can’t wait to see what you’re up to for Thanksgiving!

    • I am a Midwestern girl by birth: born in Detroit, moved to Indianapolis after that (saw Janet Guthrie qualify for the Indy 500 in ’77–as a VERY young child, I might add!–the first woman ever), then a small town in the middle of Ohio. Then I started all over again with the moving around in NYS.

  2. I just discovered your blog from a rochester wiki. I can’t believe I’ve never read your blog before. Are these all your own recipes? they look completely delish.

    • Thanks for visiting! The recipes are mostly original, but I do give credit where it’s due, if I have adapted the recipe. Like many cooks, I have a lot of stained, tattered, and uncredited printouts (and even hand-written) recipes in my files, not to mention a shoddy memory. I do my best to keep it honest, though!

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